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Grocery Shopping Made Easy.

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Drop coupons in your wallet with 1-click

With one click of a finger users can drop digital coupons into a digital wallet, the digital equivalent of cutting coupons out of the newspaper

Manage all of your coupons in one place

No more going from app to app – you can see all of your clipped digital coupons in Gitsy

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Security though cutting edge encryption

Built on the CouponLink identity platform, user data is kept secure through the use of cutting-edge hybrid encryption algorithms

Access Hottest offers at select retailers

Gitsy works with select retailers to make the hottest offers discoverable in-store

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Scan to varify offer eligibility

See a product on the shelf but not sure if your coupon applies towards it? Gitsy allows users to scan products and determine if their coupons are eligible towards redemption

Scan to FIND offers across platforms

Gitsy works with select providers and retailers as a digital destination wallet for QR code scans in-store or anywhere else. Go scan that QR code and discover the hottest offers out in the wild!

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